Hurricane Maria, Irma, and Harvey were not only devastating to people, but to the thousands of pets that were left behind or separated from their families. Even though the media hype has slowly died down on these devastating hurricanes, pets are still in need.

Image of man with his pets after hurricane

How can you help in the disaster relief?

You donโ€™t need to fly down to Puerto Rico with your superhero cape to help displaced pets. Donations are needed to transport shelter animals and to maintain emergency shelters. Care is needed when donating to charities, due to the rise of scams and charities using more than 25% of their donations towards overhead costs, rather than the causes themselves.

Here at Park Bark, we want to do our part to help, and after using the Business Bureau’s vetting site and Charity Navigator, and diving into the tax forms of smaller charities not big enough to be rated by these sites, here are accredited charities that already have boots on the ground that will help pets in need.

Hurricane Maria

The Sato Project

The Sato project has a very low overhead cost, so the money that is donated goes directly to their cause. They feed, microchip, neuter, and send dogs to the United States mainland to get adopted. In response to Hurricane Maria, they organized a flight alongside Wings of Freedom to evacuate dogs to the mainland who needed medical attention and permanent homes. They are working hard to supply their ground team and relocate pets.

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Wings of Rescue

Wings of Rescue is a charity that flies displaced pets to other shelters. In Puerto Rico, they fly much needed humanitarian supplies in for people and pets, and fly dogs and cats out. They are trying to do 2-3 flights a day, and donations are needed.
They have also responded to Hurricane Irma and Harvey.
For most recent information of their efforts, look here.

To donate, click here.

The Humane Society of the United States
A reputable charity that is sending an animal rescue team to Puerto Rico. They had also sponsored a flight to transport pets to the mainland.

You can donate here

Hurricane Irma

Oregon Humane Society

They have deployed a team to help care for pets displaced by Irma at an emergency shelter in South Carolina.

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The American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals (ASPCA)

The ASPCA has set up emergency shelters in South Carolina for pets displaced by Hurricane Irma. They are now helping the Island St. Crois, part of the Virgin Islands, who was hit by Irma and Maria. They sent three trailers loaded with pet supplies (crates, food, ect) and is working with Fema to help pets and pet owners.

Check them out here

For Harvey

Houston Humane Society

They shipped pets to other shelters in the U.S to make room for the influx of lost animals after Hurricane Harvey. They have taken in strays and worked hard to reunite pets with their families.

You can donate to the Harvey fund here

Austin Pets Alive!

They have opened two shelters – one in Houston and one in Austin. They have saved 2,000 pets, and supply surrounding shelters in need.

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