The Pacific Northwest is known for its beautiful scenery and active outdoor enthusiasts. What makes exploring the beaver state even better? Bringing your pup along with you. With over 140 parks and counting it can be difficult to know where to start. That’s where Park Bark comes in.



Summers in Oregon

Use Park Bark to find dog parks with shade and drinking water for those hot summer days.



Summer Lake Dog Park

Located in Tigard off Winter Lake Drive. This dog park has a lot of shade providing trees so your dog doesn’t overheat.


Does your pup love to play in the water? It’s easy to find parks with swimming areas and some even have rinse stations for after the fun.


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Thousand Acres Park

This well-known park has miles and miles of off-leash wilderness, trails, beach, and rivers for you and your dog to explore

Don’t stand out in the rain

For those days you don’t feel like standing in the pouring rain but you still want your dog to get exercise. Let Park Bark help you find parks that have covered areas for you to stand under or better yet enjoy an indoor play area where you can avoid the famous Northwest weather.


a49In Bark

You can find this indoor dog park in Tigard. Your pup will get to run around and have fun while you don’t have to stand out in the rain.

Explore the evergreen state with your pup is the only way to do it. Have Park Bark on hand so you can find the best places for you and your dog to go. From off-leash areas at state parks to designated small dog sections Park Bark makes it easy to sort through all of the info you need and be on your way.