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Hurricane Relief for Animals – How you can help 🐕

Hurricane Maria, Irma, and Harvey were not only devastating to people, but to the thousands of pets that were left behind or separated from their families. Even though the media hype has slowly died down on these devastating hurricanes, pets are still in need. How can you help in the disaster relief? You don’t need to fly down to Puerto Rico with your superhero cape to help displaced pets. Donations are needed to transport shelter animals and to maintain emergency shelters. Care is needed when donating to charities, due to the rise of scams and charities using more than 25%

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We’ve Taken A Dog From An Animal Shelter (Personal Experience)

Bird Born is a Moscow-based illustrator who usually creates fun comics about daily lives of human-like cats. However, after adopting a dog he was so moved that he decided to illustrate his experience. Check out more of his incredible work on his Instagram Весенний пост. Слово собакам #BirdBorn #весна2016 #собака #dogs A post shared by bird.born (@bird.born) on Mar 19, 2016 at 8:46am PDT

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