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Do you have the right collar for your dog?

Summer is here and so are prime dog walking days! Now that you are out exploring with your best friend, are you sure you have the right collar for them? Finding the right collar for your pooch is an important first step to having a pleasant walk. It’s the difference between a peaceful stroll and having a stressful time – be it with a dog who is choking and gasping the whole time, to chase another dog. There are a variety of collars these days, each with their pros and cons. There’s not a one size fits all, and what

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Fourth of July – Your dog thinks the world is ending. Keep your pet safe.

Fourth of July is terrific – from the flashy fireworks to savory bbq dishes. Your dog, however, may have a very different opinion. It’s terror-ific. To them, it probably looks like the sky is catching fire and the earth is spontaneously exploding, and all these humans are having a ball while the world burns. Dog above: “What is this madness?! The apocalypse must be nigh!” According to the Humane Society, pet shelters report a dramatic increase in lost pets. This is due to pets trying to escape the sights and sounds of fireworks. Or perhaps their attempt to flee to

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