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Hurricane Relief for Animals – How you can help 🐕

Hurricane Maria, Irma, and Harvey were not only devastating to people, but to the thousands of pets that were left behind or separated from their families. Even though the media hype has slowly died down on these devastating hurricanes, pets are still in need. How can you help in the disaster relief? You don’t need to fly down to Puerto Rico with your superhero cape to help displaced pets. Donations are needed to transport shelter animals and to maintain emergency shelters. Care is needed when donating to charities, due to the rise of scams and charities using more than 25%

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Do you have the right collar for your dog?

Summer is here and so are prime dog walking days! Now that you are out exploring with your best friend, are you sure you have the right collar for them? Finding the right collar for your pooch is an important first step to having a pleasant walk. It’s the difference between a peaceful stroll and having a stressful time – be it with a dog who is choking and gasping the whole time, to chase another dog. There are a variety of collars these days, each with their pros and cons. There’s not a one size fits all, and what

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Fourth of July – Your dog thinks the world is ending. Keep your pet safe.

Fourth of July is terrific – from the flashy fireworks to savory bbq dishes. Your dog, however, may have a very different opinion. It’s terror-ific. To them, it probably looks like the sky is catching fire and the earth is spontaneously exploding, and all these humans are having a ball while the world burns. Dog above: “What is this madness?! The apocalypse must be nigh!” According to the Humane Society, pet shelters report a dramatic increase in lost pets. This is due to pets trying to escape the sights and sounds of fireworks. Or perhaps their attempt to flee to

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How to Determine if your Dog is Ready for the Dog Park

You want to tap into the benefits of having a well-socialized dog, and give your four-legged family member a full and robust social life. You are ready to get out there, let your dog into a park, and let ’em rip. Hold your horses, or er, dogs, for a moment. Before releasing your pooch into the chaos of a dog park, they need to be prepared beforehand. Dog parks are the ideal place to practice social skills, but not learn them. These skills range from knowing how to heed another dog’s mild warning (such as a curled lip) to not

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Socialization Part 1: The benefits of socializing your dog

Do you know how your dog will react to a hyper pup in the local dog park? Or when they encounter a rambunctious child? Their reaction towards new experiences depends on how well they have been socialized. Let’s go back to the basics real quick. The dictionary definition of socialization is “a continuing process where an individual acquires a personal identity and learns the norms, values, behavior and social skills appropriate to his or her social position.” Dogs, like humans, aren’t born with the intrinsic knowledge of how the world works, and must learn how to act and react with

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Park Bark app coverage on local news – KGW

Park Bark App has officially launched It’s available for download on the play store. The app was released to people who signed up for the beta release over the weekend prior to the launch date but Tuesday was the day to get the news out to everyone. iPhone users can still sign up to be notified when the iOS version of the Park Bark app is released.    Along with the excitement around making Park Bark available to the public, letting followers on Facebook and Instagram know about the release of Park Bark. We also had the excitement of local news coverage on

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